PayPal Crypto Transfer Feature

PayPal, a leading digital payment platform, approached us with a challenge to increase their app downloads in a short period of time. They wanted to reach a wider audience and make the app more accessible to cryptocurrency users.

We proposed using animation as a tool to promote their new Crypto Transfer Feature and educate users about its features and benefits. Our team created a 2-minute animation that showcased the app’s easy-to-use interface and convenient payment options.

In just two weeks, the animation generated an 82% increase in app downloads. The animation effectively communicated the value of the app and made it more appealing to potential users. The animation was well-received by the audience and prompted positive feedback, leading to increased brand loyalty & customers.

82% Increase in App Downloads


100% Customer Satisfaction


Leanne Sheraton, Chief Marketing Officer

“Newson’s hard working and skilled team were a pleasure to work with on our commercials. Communication was excellent from concept to final delivery.”


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