Intel vPro® Commercial

Virtual production is a transformative technology in the entertainment industry, allowing for realistic environments with real-time lighting. Intel collaborated with Sandstorm & Newson to create five virtual environments for their advertisements, marking a significant technical leap for our team’s first foray into virtual production with Unreal Engine. We approached the project with determination and enthusiasm despite the learning curve, tasked with creating several environments within a tight timeline. We provided Intel with mood boards and previz to guide the layout and styling, and our 3D artist meticulously crafted each scene using Blender.

After completing the construction, lighting, and rendering of each scene, we presented our work for final review and made necessary revisions based on Intel’s feedback. The next step was setting up LED Volumes using nDisplay and Switchboard in Unreal Engine, which proved to be a tedious and challenging process due to limited tutorials and guidance. However, with perseverance, our team gained expertise in configuring LED walls for various scenarios. We are proud of our collaboration with Intel & Sandstorm, which has pushed us to expand our technical and creative capabilities, and we are excited about the expertise we gained in working with Unreal Engine and LED Volumes.

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